Tomato Glasses Company

Tomato Glasses are a range of light, comfortable and adjustable frames that are shape intelligent for newborn babies to teens   Mr Sungjoon Kim founded Tomato Glasses in 2003 in South Korea, when his own son needed glasses. He found that the frames he tried did not fit properly and they could not be adjusted.    


Tomato Glasses specialise only in glasses for kids. 'We create very strong glasses frames. We believe our high quality eyewear frame will make your child happy while wearing their glasses.' Tomato Glasses have qualified for the CE, FDA and K registration marks.


To watch a video explaining how and why Tomato Glasses began click here.  It also shows the great design features that make these frames brillant for children.


Tomato Glasses have won numerous awards for their design and technology.

2013 - Birmingham, Optrafair  - Best Childrens frame

2014 - Japan, Kids Design Award

2014 - Korea, Good Design Award

2015 - Japan, Best Childrens Frame